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Looking for Custom Size Pallets To Buy Or To Recycle Your Old or Used Pallets?

Green Earth has been selling and manufacturing pallets on the east side of Columbus, OH since 2017. We find delight in giving fast service and availability for all customers whether commercial or consumer. We will consult with you to get you the perfect pallets for your specific situation. We offer new and used pallets and can customize to any size. If you need a custom size or type we can work to get you the exact specifications you need in a custom pallet.

In addition to offering custom sizes and new pallets we also offer a recycling service for pallets. We can take old pallets and take all working parts off to be reused and any un-usable pieces we are able to turn into mulch on-site! We are working to reduce our waste and turn un-wanted items into new material that can be used.

We also purchase used pallets from our community members here in Columbus for those wishing to earn a little extra cash. Using used pallets is a green and renewable way to use our resources in a sustainable way.

Our Process

All pallets can be sold to Green Earth Recycling— custom sizes, standard size, 48″ x40″ A, 48″ x 40″ B, 48″ x 48″, and 42″ x 42″. We buy all pallet sizes from individuals or corporate accounts. 

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