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Green Earth Recycling LLC is central Ohio’s premiere one stop recycling facility. We are a full service scrapyard buying all metals from the public. We offer Pallets in bulk and custom sizes too!

Full Service Metal Scrapyard and Pallet Supplier

Quality Service and Top Dollar Payout For Scrap Metal.
Buying and Selling Pallets In Bulk and Custom Sizes!

Founded in Columbus, OH in 2013, Green Earth Recycling LLC is central Ohio’s premiere one stop recycling facility. Our customers are our most important partners. We provide outstanding products and solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Our focus has always been customer service; moreover, following through on our promises to contribute to our customers’ long term success. 

We strive to be Ohio residents’ preferred recycling supplier. Green Earth Recycling believes that conserving and enhancing natural resources is its main core value, and we strive to divert as much material from landfills as possible. 

We want to gain your trust and be your place to go for your recycling needs. Whether it is metals, cardboard, or pallets we want to help put money in your pocket or get you the perfect pallet for shipping and transportation, or just get that pile of cardboard that you haven’t thrown out new life in the recycling process. 

Sell Scrap Metal, Copper Wires Batteries and more - FOR CASH!!

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