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We can pick up for commercial accounts but there is a charge involved that is taken from the sale of the scrap, if the cost of the scrap does not cover the cost to pick it up you may not get a payout. Please contact us or give us a call and we can work with your specific situation.
No, we do not sell automobile parts at our scrapyard.
We do not accept sealed containers at this time.
You will need to bring a valid state ID or passport and we will need to take your picture and gather your signature, as well as be over 18 years old.
We are open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Friday and 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Saturdays
We are not currently accepting vehicles for scrap.
We do not take any hazardous materials so any and all hazardous fluids need to be removed and disposed of properly, any other fluids we would prefer be removed from the items. We do take used motor oil.
Yes! We accept all major appliances and payout is provided based on weight and material type.
Anything on the special purchase article in the ORC section 4737.04. This includes beer kegs, cable, wire, electrical components, grave markers, sculptures ,plaques, guard rails for bridges roads, street signs, manhole covers, historical, commemorative and memorial markers and plaques, grocery carts, metal bossies, railroad material, transport containers used by product distributors, and retailers, and burnt wire.

We also do not accept sealed tanks, food waste, concrete safes, water softeners, vehicles without titles, boats over 12” without registration, trailers without registrations, concrete, material in City of Columbus trashcans, liquids, hazardous, toxic or radioactive material, PCB containing material, dirt, debris or trash, combustibles or explosives, mercury or mercury switches.
We take all other ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, cardboard, paper, some plastics, electronic items, and pallets. We can only accept one catalytic converter per ID each day.

We do charge for some items such as, TV’s, monitors, and non lead acid batteries.
Want to learn more about payout pricing and Materials Accepted? See Payout Pricing Here!
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